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With almost as little history behind it is the Hameln dish of ‘Rats Tails’, created 40 years ago in the town’s Rattenfangerhaus restaurant. The dish, cooked for me by owner Christina Hartlieb-Fricke, has a bewildering number of ingredients, involving a stir fry of peppers, mushroom, onions, olives, corn, tomato, mustard, ketchup, Worcester sauce, Tabasco, red and white wine, Port, gravy and cream.

Fortunately, the rats tails turn out to be strips of pork loin which are fried in butter and flambéed in Calvados before being poured into the sauce, the whole then served with even more cream, puff pastry rats, rice, salad and fried potato. Ach mein gott! More spectacle than culinary delight, it was surprisingly tasty.

The Rattenfangerhaus is one of several remarkable building making up a charming Altstadt that takes you back 400 years. Built in 1602, the Rat Catcher’s House stands near the Stiftsherrenhaus of 1558, with its ornate carvings of David, Cain and Abel, and Christ, and the Leisthaus of 1589, now the town museum.

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